About Us

We’re a mixed lot at Bonus.co.uk – our team consists of former casino professionals to normal people who simply enjoy casino games. The thing we have in common is that we believe that players can benefit from a more straightforward explanation of how online casinos and bonuses work.

Our mission is to show players with different gaming interests how they can get the best online casino experience. Whether you’re an experienced poker player, or just like an occasional game of bingo, we want to help you get the most out of online gaming. Most people can benefit from a bonus to get to know the casino and its games better. The process begins by choosing a trustworthy casino, and then by understanding exactly what the bonus entails so that the player’s expectations are correct. We work hard to clarify how bonuses work and how you can really benefit from them.

The Team

Jon Holmes 

After working many years for online casinos, Jon found that many players didn’t understand how bonuses work, and were often unsure about how to really benefit from all the promotions. Jon decided it was time that players had someone explain how things work from inside the industry, and is now heading the Bonus.co.uk team.

Chris Harrison 

Chris is the sportsman in the house. As a football player, Chris only got as far as Sunday league, but his expertise in sports betting is impressive.  Chris has been betting on sports since uni, and is still completely up to date with the latest sports events. We call him around the clock for the latest odds.

Stephen Taylor 

When it comes to casino games, few will beat Stephen’s knowledge. Prior to joining Bonus.co.uk, Stephen worked as a dealer at a casino and knows card and table games inside out. In his spare time, Stephen enjoys poker and walking his dog.

Sally Woodward 

Sally has been playing in online casinos for a bit over a decade. A mother on a budget, Sally has an especially good nose for sniffing out the best deals. When it comes to weighing out different online casinos, Sally has lots of first hand experience and knows which offers the best deals. Sally lives happily with her two children and husband, and their bunny, Rupert.

Damian Thomas

Damian built this website and takes care of all things technical related to Bonus.co.uk. He likes to travel, and often checks in to work from the beach or from somewhere exotic where none of us has been.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write us. We are always happy to hear your feedback!